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We offer a variety of Computer Support services for the home user, what ever level of user you are.

Our computer support is a no fix no fee service and is available to suit all budgets. If we haven’t listed what you are looking for please contact us and ask.

PC Healthcheck

Has your computer noticeably slowed down? 

Are you getting error messages or does it lock up?

Is your sound or other hardware devices not working properly?

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to give your system a PC Healthcheck. We will service your PC or laptop and get it running at it’s best. 

Virus Check / Virus Removal

Is your computer behaving strangely? 

Did you open an email attachment from an unknown sender? 

Did you open a file with two file extensions? i.e. filename.doc.vbs 

New viruses appear every day and can cause a lot of damage in terms of data loss and system crashes. We offer virus removal from all makes and models of PC and laptops and a quick turn-around time. 

System Rebuild Service

It may be that a Healthcheck isn’t enough to get your system up and running properly again. This is where our System Rebuild Service is useful. 

With our system rebuild service you get:

  • A transfer of your data
  • Your Operating System re-installed with the latest updates
  • Standard applications will be re-installed plus we can reinstall any software that you have disks for
  • Antivirus software will be re-installed 
  • Your PC will be faster and more stable!


If you have more than one computer in your house it’s more than likely, at some point, you will want to connect them together. There are many benefits to connecting your computers up in a small network. 

Advantages are:

  • Share files
  • Share Printers
  • Share Internet connection
  • Share storage

If you don’t know where to start or want to expand on what you have already, we’ll happily discuss options with you. 

Worried about the security of wireless networks? 

We can make your network secure & train you in maintaining your network’s security.

Hardware Upgrades

Some good reasons for upgrading are: 

  • Running out of hard disk space
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 
  • You need a faster system or more advanced features
  • Faulty hardware
  • Video and Audio editing
  • High End PC Gaming

We can help you decide what hardware is best for you and then source and install it. 


If you’re having trouble with your Internet connection and not sure why, we can troubleshoot the problem for you, change settings and replace faulty hardware. Or, if the fault is with your Internet Services Provider (ISP), we will let you know how to get them to fix it.

Data Recovery

Deleted a file by accident? 

Emptied the recycle bin? 

Virus preventing access to your data? 

The good news is your data is not always lost! 

We can usually get your files back even if your Operating system doesn’t start.  Your valuable data is almost always retrievable, no matter what the situation.

Backup Service

With a proper backup procedure you could save your time and money when your files get deleted, lost, stolen or corrupted. 

There are different levels of backing up, and it depends on your needs as to how much or how little to use. But one thing is for sure, we all need it. We can advise on the best way to backup your files; from online backup to external devices, we’ll help you find the solution that is right for you

Email setup

If you use email software like Outlook, Thunderbird, Live mail or Outlook Express to read your emails it is very annoying when something causes it to stop working. Quite often there’s a straightforward solution to fix these problems but the danger is that it’s possible to make things worse if you don’t know your way around. 

In most cases we can come to your home and fix these problems within an hour. 

Data Cleansing

Have you just bought a new computer? Don’t know what to do with your old computer? We can either restore your old computer to how it was when you first bought it, allowing you to re-use it in your home or we can ‘Guarantee Complete Data Removal of ALL your Personal Data’, so that you can dispose of your old computer safely. Identity theft is big business, so contact us to have your personal data professionally removed from your computer.